Neck & Shoulder Pad
Neck & Shoulder Pad
July 4, 2016
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Helios Heater Full Body Set
July 5, 2016
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Lower Back Heating Pad

Lower Back Heating Pad


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The Helios Heater heating pads are the ultimate heat solution for pain relief, reducing tension and keeping yourself warm while outdoors or at home. The incredible Helios Heater can be used over and over again. just Press a floating coin inside the heat pack and within seconds, you have a fully activated 130° heat pack.Medical studies indicate that Hot Therapy is an effective pain relief solution that helps promote relaxation and reduce stress. It has been in use for centuries as a natural remedy to enhance the natural recovery process. Heat therapy also increases blood flow, which relaxes sore muscles and provides soothing comfort.The Heat Packs are all natural and reusable heating pads that use no electricity – so there is no danger of electricity next to the body. It stays warm for the amount of time most health care professionals recommend, between 20-120 minutes with different sizes. Because the pads cool off after that amount, there is no danger of falling asleep and getting burned.
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